This is a good example of a magazine front cover because it contains a bold heading of the schools name, and an attractive text style underneath the schools name, the picture of students laughing looking like they’re having a good time suggests to the reader that the school is a happy enjoyable place to be. Bright colours in the sky and the tree are also effective to make the cover look attractive and appealing.

MAGAZINE COVER PAGEIn this magazine I like the dark background, it makes the colourful text stand out, bright colours in the fireworks and the schools logo merged in with the fireworks suggests it has been cleverly edited which makes the front cover look eye catching which is the purpose of a magazine.

front_cover_copy  this magazine front cover contains information about the school its advertising that students would interessted in, therfore this magazine looks like its aimed at students, the colourful writing and text suggests this. this is what  i need to consider  in my own student school magazine front cover.

TheLoyolite2009Cover on this school magazine front page i think the use of editing done to the pictures used is very effective. i like how simple the cover is with just the name of the magazine and a picture, because of how basic it is, suggests this magazine is aimed at parents. but i also think it lacks in information as i believe a magazine cover should contain information of whats in the magazine to inform the reader and attract the reader to the magazine and what to read it.